Name: Rakka

Spot of Existence: Somewhere in the world

Occupation: Freelance™ Gonzo™ Journalist™, Lady™ Swoon-maker™, Chair™ Sitter™

I'm a guy who's really into cute shit, if you can't tell from the ridiculous pink everywhere and pretty and clean anime and manga pictures everywhere. I have an abundance of spare time, so I've decided to set up a website where I can post whatever I want about cute things without getting ridiculed for being an unwashed, hairy man. Most people just know me by Rakka, It's just an online handle I adopted in an odd MMORPG based on the character Rakka (ラッカ) from Haibane Renmei. I can understand Japanese, so if you need something short translated then feel free to email me. Currently attempting to fancy myself an artist, hoping to go full digital one point since I'd find that the funnest to do, but digital is a lot harder than it looks so you gotta learn to draw traditionally first.

I've made at least 5 sites now, two of them just being revisions of this site. One was for a school project, which was pretty fun to do and was my first real dive into HTML. The second was an elaborate shitpost for a friend group, I don't know where that site is anymore. The third was a revision of this website, and was dark and filled with hateful things. The fourth looked a bit like the site you're seeing now, but I felt the style was simply off and far too limiting for what I imagined, not to mention I had included things that had made the site feel as if I was getting off track and letting too many off-topic things take over the website, as well as a general feeling of just being lazy with what I was doing. Which brings us to this revision, which I hope looks much more stylistically appealing and creative than the former one which was marred somewhat by laziness and refusal to improve.

In general, this site will be for talking about... whatever I want to talk about. Probably mostly cute things. Sometimes I'll leave miscellaneous thoughts on 'style' or shows, sometimes they'll be blogs involving things I'm going through or striving towards. Sometimes they'll be little immersive projects, probably not since whenever I think of doing something like that, I get an incredibly inflated idea of what I'll do with it which always extends far beyond my abilities. I've a lack in creative skills, I suppose. I'm hoping to make a change to myself through the site somehow, I'm not sure how that'll come about but I feel there is something important to keeping this site up and working on it regularly so that'll be one of my goals to work on. I truly do enjoy personal websites, there's no better way to express yourself on the 'net. Given the nature of the website, it's perpetually under construction, so stick around friend.

Oh yeah and I'm working on another website but that'll probably be done when Half Life 3 is released.