dis is teh area 51 song

hello welcoms 2 area 51!

theres lots of aliens around her so i hop ur not afraid

realy we dont kno whats at area 51 but i think that ther is a good chance aliens are at it if not then y would they keep it a secret?? i told my teacher about this and she thought it was cool

woa watch out here come the aliens stroling thru!

dont dis no aliens ok caus

look at dis 1 he's smoking toilet paper lol

dis 1 is just a 2rist ok not al alien are bad peopl!!!!

wtf u killed teh ali3n wtf is wrong wit u?????

uh oh watch out below it's an INVASION!!!!

you guys are freakin out the aliens these guys gotta talk to bald peopl now

so dad says lots of aliens come from mexico apparently i dont think thats right aliens arent from this planet i think i think mexico is on this planet therefore they cant be aliens lol

so in short i think itd be OCOL if an alin came 2 this world and we were able to talk to him and hi-5 and he would say take me 2 your leader and we would get 2 take him 2 the president of the united states! i hope hed be my friend id send him emails

made by billy