Originally written 27/11/2020

I made a new layout. This page is designed to look like that new layout. It was a firm pain in the ass, and I'm honestly not sure if it's any better from the old layout I had before. There were things I wanted to get working that I just couldn't get to work for the life of me.

Actually, I lied when I said I made it. I'm still in the process of making it as I write this. I'm hardly done. But it's already a pain in the ass. What was it that one great computer scientist once said? "This machine always does what I tell it to, and not what I want it to"? That's how I feel about this. The machine will always do exactly what I tell it to do, like an obedient dog, and absolutely refuses to do what I want it to.

So let's get one thing I scrapped out of the way first. I was going to have a new site button. I dunno if I was ever really happy with the first one. You see, the thing about site buttons is that I'm absolutely clueless on how to make one. I could draw it, terribly, but I was hoping to use an image from one of the anime I like.

To put it simply, if you scale down an image to something as piss small as 88x31, it turns into oatmeal. There's very little way around this. The closest I have come to making it look legible there is the button I have now.

But I was never really happy with it. It looked drab. I'm happy with it now, of course, becuase I realize that making buttons is a complete pain in the ass. I have no idea how the Geocities users of old were able to do it.

This shitbutton, as I've come to call it, was an attempt to make a new site button. It looks terrible. Can you even tell who the girl in it is supposed to be? Even when I used a program designed to make these 88x31 buttons I failed to make a satisfying result using the image.

I'll be very unlikely to try and make a button like this again anytime soon. This is a job for the hand, not absurdly pasting others assets and attempting to get them to work in such a small space.

Another thing I had changed was the background of the site. Now we have some nice looking Sakuras everywhere. I love Sakura. She's so cute. The background could be better, but that's something to worry about for much later.

It occured to me that the background of the old revision was fairly soulless. I was essentially saying "here's some crappy pink thing someone made, here's some crappy blue thing someone made, those are the backgrounds, it's pastel! can't you tell?" Ridiculous and lazy feeling. Sakura is the opposite of that, and gets cuteness across much more, being the literal cutest thing in the galaxy. Maybe. I guess I haven't seen everything in the galaxy so I wouldn't know but she's definetly up there.

Moved the navbar from its Geocities-esque location. I suppose it looks a little more generic up there, but it helps my mind having the extra room to breathe on the sides. The previous layout had absolutely no room to breathe, every last bit of space was used up which was much more immensely frustrating than I could've imagined. If you were to take a look at a page using the layout, like the first post, you'll notice what I mean.

One particular headache I ran into that really pissed me off was making a 'right bar', as I had called it. You can see my frustrations in the .css file still. I'm sort of a stickler for pages still being useable even if you minimize the window horizontally a ton, and absolute positioning just did not work with that at all. In hindsight, I'm not even sure what I'd put in the right bar, but I felt the need to have it for some reason. Well, that's probably not gonna get put to any sort of use, at least not on the main page. Hell, I'm not even aiming for mobile support, who the fuck cares about that on a personal Neocities website?

Area 51 was moved to the posts. I'll probably get around to reusing the gif for it since I have a bit of a soft spot for it.

Status has been scaled back completely. It felt so low effort and Twitter-esque to be constantly updating people with my grumbling and mumbling. I've an archive of everything I ever wrote in there, so none of it is lost, but there's no real purpose in publishing it. There never really was in the first place. It'll likely come back in one form or another, my grumbling and complaining knows absolutely no bounds.

Site is mostly Javascript free at the moment. I use Javascript for automating placement of certain HTML elements, like the header and nav. This is fairly simple to do, hardly a challenge for anyone. Just put a bunch of document.write commands in one place. I would probably like to try Javascript at some point, but I don't know if that'll be anytime soon. If there's any place to fuck around with it, Neocities sure is the location.

Buttons and logo are as-is for the moment. Again, I lack creative skills to change this (as of right now), and I don't really have anything against the buttons or logo, I just think they could be done better (like everything can)

Posts that were written are still as is, including the very first one that used in-line css. The idea for posts was always to have their own unique CSS to explain in a deeper emotional or immersive meaning what I was trying to get across, or to serve as a sort of 'shrine' to any sort of thing I was talking about. This is part of the reason I end up giving up on things pretty quick, since I realize certain ideas are simply impossible to work-in without a programmer's mind.

The about page was completely re-written. I think this one explains things a lot better and more concisely. The other one I had was more or less dicking around.

Probably going to try and implement webfonts more. I always felt a little limited working within the confines of web-safe fonts, and I hope it doesn't bother anyone if I'm borrowing a few from Google. I might play around with the font choice a little to see what I like, I'm not really a font artiste. Also looked about at some Japanese fonts. It must take a fuckton of time to make a Japanese font, so I can absolutely respect the people who do that. There seems to be a lot less selection for what I assume is obvious reason, but nothing like that is really limiting to design.

Looking around at my site, there were a lot of parts I had ended up leaving little care towards. Links were mislabelled, I only had around 4~ button sites, lots of outdated bits that had to be rearranged. Kinda glad to get them accurate.

Ended up making the page look like my buttons. I suppose that keeps it kinda uniform in a way? Feels a little dull though. If I ever come up with a greater flash of inspiriation I'll definetly update it.

I didn't change the links but I should. The default of "blue-changes-to-purple-after-clicking" is pretty bad. I might want to check out some different styles for this.

So, I suppose that's the new style. It'll probably just be a work in progress forever. They always are.

Oh and this fucking page broke when I put it into Neocities. That should teach me to be lazy. Fuck. I don't care to figure out whatever the hell is wrong with the navbar here so I'm just going to make each of the buttons 10px smaller. That'll show em.