Written 22/12/2020

Spore was a game released some time in 2008. In spite of being pretty bad, it's a one in a kind game I haven't seen much else of anywhere really. The entire thing is a fascinating enigma of ideas half-realized, with "what could've been" written all over it. It's baffling in a way, it was a game with such vision that was never realized, likely due to budgetary restraints or publisher meddling. It could've really ushered in a new genre of evolutionary games, but fell ridiculously short of what it wanted to be.

I played this game as a kid. I forget exactly when, but it must've been a while ago now. Seeing some speedruns of it pop up had gotten me interested in trying to play it again, and play it I did. I even quit it once, and had the game crash on me twice without saving, but I played it. I didn't play it to completion, at the time of writing this I got to the space stage and then didn't feel like playing anymore. "Completion" can be roughly described as "getting to the center of the universe", although at that point the game is sandbox, really.

In any case, I invite you to join me on this mystical journey of evolution as I talk about spore and why it's both awesom and sux. Click on one of the buttons up there to look at the various stages of the game!

Note: all the screenshots here are from other people since I didn't feel like playing the game again to get screenshots of everything. I'll do better next time...