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Website's done woooooooooooo


I guess this makes the first blog. As I type this my website's mostly 'done' from a "Well I have this skeleton and I'll update it as I go along" sort of perspective. The fact that I actually built a website this far is pretty amazing. Last time I just slapped some centertext on a black background and after a literal month of that I got tired of looking at it. I hope to turn this into something I can be happy seeing years from now. I've seen too many things get deleted for reasons like that. You make a thing you can't really "love" even a month from now. That's sort of what happened to the old version of this site, I created something made out of no effort, angst, hate, etc. and I'm not really capable of sustaining something like that. That's just the kind of person I am.

So that's where Raspberry Heaven comes in! This site is, essentially, the exact opposite of what I had created last time. It's designed from the ground up to be very colorful, cheerful, and generally not about teenage angst from pointless anger caused by things I can do nothing about. It's also born from my mostly changing perspective about art, where I've grown much more to appreciate simply the effort put into work than the sort of 'meaning' behind it. Yotsubato! makes a great example of this. It's a cute comedy about a young child and all of the pages have hours of effort put into them for you to look at for possibly only a few seconds at best.

And that's the sort of thing I like! The effort put into something, just for the simple objective of making it look nice. It takes a lot of heart, and I don't think it's something everyone is capable of doing. So that's why I made this site. I can talk about those sorts of things, well-known to obscure, in as many words and in whatever style I can think of. Beats the hell out of microblogging! Plus this lets more explore those writings from a more artistic angle, not just with simple italics or bold but from an essential angle dealing with the very CSS of what I'm writing. I'm not gonna do that right now because I just built the entire website and wanna get it up already but that's definetly something I want to try for the meat of the site.

I guess that makes it another 'under construction' site but by the very nature of the site itself it will perpetually be 'under construction' so I don't really see the need to mention that. Other than of course for the aesthetic, but I'm not really hardline 90s here since I don't really know that Internet.

That being said, there are parts I gotta improve on this site.

The graphics on this site could use some improvement. I whipped up those navbar buttons pretty quick and the logo has a small but noticable issue with alignment in an area, not to mention it just friggin' looks bland. The CSS for the site in general is a little slim (maybe that's a good thing but I could define some more headers and maybe add a bit of flair here and there), and it might not be a good idea to be heavy on embedding stuff so that the pages can load faster, although imbedding images in general is mostly unavoidable if I want to keep the site below the gig limit. I want the website to look nice 'n colorful, but it'll be a careful balance.

Font choice is also pretty lame. I'll have to look up some stuff about fonts later. I'll try and leave this blog as-is though so you can see what the 'original' site looked like just in case I change it too much from it's primal form.

I think I know what my first blog's gonna be about, and making a style for it that properly illustrates my feelings for it might be a little difficult... because it's incredibly obscure and near-dead as of now, but hey, it was incredibly important to me as a child so that's just how it'll have to be!

Speakin' of blogs, I kinda wanted to have a small area on the main page where I do small status updates on myself or whatever comes to mind, basically anything not worth making a whole new page over, but I'm not sure the best way to go about this admittedly. Or what having too much on the main page would do for loading times (probably not much if it's just text, but a bunch of images loading at the same time? Yeah that'll get murderous quick.) but I'll see what a good method is to do it. I enjoy archives of things so I don't want to have to delete anything off the site unless I really have to, and even if I do I'll keep a backup of it on my drive.

So yeah! Hopefully as I work out the kinks and get better at making websites then I can make some really nice looking posts here. yorosikune